Be a part of history: Electing the youngest person ever to the New York State Assembly
Giovanni Perna is running for 
New York State 38th Assembly District


Born and raised in Ridgewood, NY Giovanni Perna is a first generation American whose family immigrated from Italy. Raised in a household with three brothers, Giovanni has been a part of his community and district for 24 years. He went to school at P.S 68, I.S 77, and Grover Cleveland High School. He is the first in his family to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and minor in Law from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. 

After graduating, Giovanni has worked in Albany for Assemblyman Peter D. Lopez for the 2017 legislation session. While being mentored by Mr. Peter Lopez, a knowledgeable and great person,Giovanni attended numerous committees, task force, and constituent meetings about proposed legislation/bills. He has also participated and help address district issues such as flood recovery, jobs,
schools, businesses, public transportation, and drug epidemic.

Giovanni has aspirations of following up in the political field, in hope of making changes for a better and  safer New York City, and State. Giovanni intends to uplift his community and pave the way for the future. With that being said, his first step is to run for Assembly to represent and build the neighborhood, community, and district.

There is so little being done in our district and will continue if Democratic nominee gets elected. We need someone who is going to support the NYPD, support local business, support community programs, and has an agenda towards better quality of life. We need someone who actually lives and worked in the district. Not someone who has ran before and lost multiple times in Manhattan. Then decides to run in Queens because chances might be better. This is a sign of someone who is desperate to win any seat in any district. Someone who is desperate for power.
Please hear me out when I say I am deeply concerned for the safety of our community, district, city, and State. The job doesn’t require us to please and pander to people just for votes. It’s about uplifting, empowering, providing, and what’s going to benefit our district. It’s time to take action! support, contribute, and vote Perna for Assembly.
All of what’s happening in NYS and NYC are run by Democratic politicians. Keep this in mind when voting; let’s not focus on the party and more so on the policies and the agenda being proposed.



Combat Homelessness 

New York City has one of the largest homelessness population within the country. The number of homeless in NYC has seen an enormous increase since Mayor DeBlasio took office. Nearly 1 in every 125 New Yorkers is homeless. That’s more than 70,000 people. Thousands are sleeping in the streets, subway station, and other public spaces. There are over 450 shelters and the budget spending has doubled, to over $3 billion. 

While there has been an increase in new shelters and an increase on the budget, homelessness continues to rise. There is no accountability and responsibility when it comes to handling such tasks. They do not feel safe inside these shelters because of drugs, assault, rape, robbery, etc. In fact, adding more shelters is not the solution. 

There are a number of reasons to why people are struggling. Which is why we need to focus on incentives to improve quality of life and specialized programs to get people off the streets. Revamp and refine programs that help with job loss, violence, addiction disorders, mental illness, and other severe health problems. Focusing on the struggle and providing incentives is the way to go.

Back Law Enforcement Agencies

I stand and support NYPD, especially during these troubling times. I do believe as well that reform is warranted to better protect and serve the city. I also believe we are attacking/going after the wrong group when it comes to defunding and dismantling. 

The NYPD do not make laws. They enforce the laws put in place by our state legislators and city council members. If change is needed when it comes to implementing new laws or to amend such laws, our leaders are the decision makers. 

Our leaders (state legislator, city council members, the mayor and governor) have this power, majority democrats.   

Save our City

Crime in NYC has increased incredibly in the last few months. Since January there has been over 850 shootings and over 1,000-gun victims. In the month of June, murder has increased 30%, burglary has increased over 120%, and shooting violence has increased over 130% compared to June 2019. 

In the month of July, murder has increased to nearly 60%, burglary over 30% and shooting violence has increased 180% compared to July 2019. Gun violence and crime will continue to rise and the safety of the public is at stake if we continue to allow our leaders to do nothing, standby and not be held accountable.   

Modify the Bail Reform 
A disastrous law put in place attempting to reform the criminal justice system. In fact, this bail reform does not improve or remodel the criminal justice system, it does the complete opposite. Providing encouragement for the criminals, especially violent and career criminals. Way to go on keeping the public safety in mind. This is only an incentive to allow career criminals to continuously commit crime to cause harm, chaos, and violence towards our neighborhood/community.

Here are some of the crimes that fall under the bail reform: 

  • 3rd degree Assault
  • ​3rd degree Assault as a Hate Crime 
  • ​Criminal injection of a controlled substance into another person
  • ​Criminal sale of a controlled substance to a child
  • ​Numerous degree levels of burglary, robbery, and arson
  • ​Vehicular Assault (multiple counts)
  • ​Aggravated Assault on a child under 11 years-old
  • ​Menacing (multiple counts)
  • ​2nd degree Vehicular Manslaughter
  • ​2nd degree Manslaughter
  • ​Unlawful Imprisonment (multiple counts)
  • ​Unlawful Imprisonment as a Hate Crime (multiple counts) 
  • ​Killing a Police Dog or Police Horse
  • ​Endangering the welfare of a child
  • ​Assisting in female genital mutilation
  • ​Endangering the welfare of a vulnerable elderly person
  • ​Endangering the welfare of a disabled person (multiple counts)
  • ​Money Laundering in support of terrorism (multiple counts)
  • ​Corrupting the government (multiple counts)

Promote and Support Local Businesses in our Community

Ensure Reliable Transportation 

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